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2. Touch pianist
3. Purristan
4. Alter Ego
5. Psychic High School
6. Eeyup
7. Cookie clicker
8. Animator vs Animation IV
9. Kawaii Faces
10. Time Clickers

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Infinite Gangnam
animationscompletely pointlessgames and puzzleshypnotic
interactive playthingsoddpicturespointless numbers
slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Older Pointless Sites

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Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Doodle God 2 - Combine things to make more things!
Starbucks name - Get your Starbucks name, written on a real cup.
Emoji Clock - T
2015 - Another twist on the 2048 game
Milky Way - Can You See The Milky Way?
Boing - Teeterboard/seesaw masters
Let's play... - ...clickclickclick - no turbo. Don't miss part 2 here!
Elephants - Pavarotti loves elephants
cachemonet - An exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays. Um... yeah.
Mitt Romney - How to say"Mitt Romney" in different languages.
Generator generator - A generator that generates generators.
Bad answers - So many questions, so many bad answers.
I need a prompt - A Yeti trying not to be seen by a hippie.
Dotted lines - .................
Daba Daba Dab - Sing along now!
Sleep calculator - When should you go to bed if you want to feel good in the morning?
Veryman - Veryman is verystrange
People in space - How many people are in space right now?
Belgian pig - A Belgian pig - with a problem
Don't hug me... 4 - Don't hug me I'm scared 4 - more disturbing stuff. And part 3 is here.
Google Feud - What do people search in Google the most?
Shakespearean insult generator - ....
Woot - 8 bit dancing guy
Surprise - 40 surprise eggs opened for you
Dullest Blog - .... quite old and dusty too
Running from Camera - Completely bonkers...
Chicken Techno - ...
Bored - 474 things to do when you're bored
Nyan Cat was here - Places where Nyan Cat has been
Shtuff - Shtuff and nonsense
GifYouTube - Make animated GIFs out of YouTube videos.
Helioviewer - Fun with the Sun. Watch solar eruptions, make your own movies.
random lists - Random lists of random stuff
Fictional colours - Is that dress octarine and squant, or is it smaudre and onsible?
Late for meeting - Maybe shouldn't have spent so long going to the store.
Marvelous Mars - Mars in a billion pixels. Keep scrolling...
Beardest - Beard-rating fun
Two hundred - Numbers from 1-200 in Google images.
Pointless Stuff - Almonds are members of the....
Typealyzer - Psychological profiler for any website
Masked Clown - Do you want fries with that?
Acrobots - Sticky three-legged acrobatic robots
Number Gossip - Number secrets exposed.....
Face replaced - A website showing people putting random objects in front of their face.
Centre of the Earth - What would you see on a journey to the centre of the Earth?
Yoga Kitty - Yoga Videos for you and your cat
Stone Balancing - Amazing balancing art by Adrian Gray
Cats meowing - Keep pressing the button
What colour is it? - Err... half-past-blue?
The Escape - Addictive game - simply click to jump.
Problem loading page - There's a problem loading this page... or is there? Yes, there is. Or is there?
Theremin - Leon Theremin plays the Theremin
Bathroom sinks - Top 7 bathroom sinks
Rhett and Lick - This looks familiar
Dancing cat - It's a Dancing Cat.
Where Am I - A confusing block-sorting game
Bananas for scale - Convert any units to, or from, bananas.
Is my computer on - Handy utility for checking whether your computer is switched on.
Galaxy 360 - A 360 degree scrollable zoomable infra-red view of the milky way
Space Probes - Handy chart giving info on all active space probes
Euler's disk - BZZZzzz-z-z-z-z-t-t-t-!!!!
Day in the Life - A day in the life - a life simulator
Polar Clock - An unconventional clock
The Cloud appreciation society - says "We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned"
Rebel Magic - About all things magic
Pursuit of hat 2 - Bite your own arms off to rescue your hat. Part 2.
Cats in sinks - Pictures of cats. Cats in sinks
Google Gravity - Try searching. You can throw the fragments around too.
Celebrity twins - A collection of celebrity doppelgangers
Infinite Gangnam - Infinite Gangnam Style. How long before you have to click 'Make it stop'?
Talking to myself - A video interview, with a 20-year time-lag
World's Dumbest Game - Games don't get much more pointless than this.
PWTIC - Putting Weird Things In Coffee
Imaginary Beings - All kinds of odd creatures
Top Spy Secrets - Have you got what it takes?
Name combiner - Generate a nickname using syllables from your favourite words.
Squidsquid - Squiddy games and silliness.
German animals - Know your wash-bear from your shield-toad
When graphic artists get bored... - ...
Cat Soundboard - Mrrrraaaooowww
Flower garden - Just click to grow some flowers
Text faces - For all your text face needs
Daily Trash - Daily photographs of discarded stuff
Psychic High School - Learn about ghost cat whispering and precognitive reverse storytelling
Bring in the cats - Hey Griff... Bring in the cats!
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
Thirty-nine dollars - The $39 experiment
Lars Andersen archery - DO NOT try this at home!
Nyan genre-hopping - So many Nyans!
Z-Type - Space-invader typing game
Unusual articles - Unusual Wikipedia articles, collected together for your pleasure
The Game - You can never win
SquarO - Interesting game, kind of cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper
optillusions - The worlds worst optical illusions.
Mystery Mendes - Online murder mystery. Find the clues in Mystery's blog.
Sitting and Smiling - Benjamin Bennett sits and smiles for 4 hours at a time.
Scary maze game - Do not play if you are easily scared, or have a heart condition!
Torus - The view inside a spinning striped torus. May make you feel queasy!
Plenty of time - Relax, you have plenty of time! Time enough to read the small-print?
Flight - Fly your paper plane to London
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