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This month's top sites
1. Centre of the Earth
2. Alter Ego
3. Rhett and Lick
4. Cookie clicker
5. Psychic High School
6. Don't hug me I'm scared
7. What colour is it?
8. Empire Attack
9. Bigass Message
10. Purristan

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Quick fix pics
Blood-typing game

Most Unpopular Site
Sitting and Smiling
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slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Older Pointless Sites

 (new pointless sites)

Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Bathroom sinks - Top 7 bathroom sinks
Rhett and Lick - This looks familiar
Dancing cat - It's a Dancing Cat.
Where Am I - A confusing block-sorting game
Bananas for scale - Convert any units to, or from, bananas.
Is my computer on - Handy utility for checking whether your computer is switched on.
Galaxy 360 - A 360 degree scrollable zoomable infra-red view of the milky way
Space Probes - Handy chart giving info on all active space probes
Euler's disk - BZZZzzz-z-z-z-z-t-t-t-!!!!
Day in the Life - A day in the life - a life simulator
Polar Clock - An unconventional clock
The Cloud appreciation society - says "We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned"
Rebel Magic - About all things magic
Pursuit of hat 2 - Bite your own arms off to rescue your hat. Part 2.
Cats in sinks - Pictures of cats. Cats in sinks
Google Gravity - Try searching. You can throw the fragments around too.
Celebrity twins - A collection of celebrity doppelgangers
Infinite Gangnam - Infinite Gangnam Style. How long before you have to click 'Make it stop'?
Talking to myself - A video interview, with a 20-year time-lag
World's Dumbest Game - Games don't get much more pointless than this.
PWTIC - Putting Weird Things In Coffee
Imaginary Beings - All kinds of odd creatures
Top Spy Secrets - Have you got what it takes?
Name combiner - Generate a nickname using syllables from your favourite words.
Squidsquid - Squiddy games and silliness.
German animals - Know your wash-bear from your shield-toad
When graphic artists get bored... - ...
Cat Soundboard - Mrrrraaaooowww
Flower garden - Just click to grow some flowers
Text faces - For all your text face needs
Daily Trash - Daily photographs of discarded stuff
Psychic High School - Learn about ghost cat whispering and precognitive reverse storytelling
Bring in the cats - Hey Griff... Bring in the cats!
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
Thirty-nine dollars - The $39 experiment
Lars Andersen archery - DO NOT try this at home!
Nyan genre-hopping - So many Nyans!
Z-Type - Space-invader typing game
Unusual articles - Unusual Wikipedia articles, collected together for your pleasure
The Game - You can never win
SquarO - Interesting game, kind of cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper
optillusions - The worlds worst optical illusions.
Mystery Mendes - Online murder mystery. Find the clues in Mystery's blog.
Sitting and Smiling - Benjamin Bennett sits and smiles for 4 hours at a time.
Scary maze game - Do not play if you are easily scared, or have a heart condition!
Torus - The view inside a spinning striped torus. May make you feel queasy!
Plenty of time - Relax, you have plenty of time! Time enough to read the small-print?
Flight - Fly your paper plane to London
Lots of words - Every possible word of up to 4 letters.
catflixx - More cat videos than you could possibly need.
Pattern memory - Remember the squares, then click them. Gets pretty tricky!
Chimpnology - Cyriak works his weird magic with some chimpanzees
Intelligence test - 24 H in a D
Black and wtf - Odd black and white phots
Perpetual pizza - What happens if you ask for pizza topping on your pizza?
Noodle timer - 3-minute timer for instant noodles
How to.... - ... open a coconut. (almost useful)
Dream Car Racing 2 - More build-your-own car shenanigans
Insanity Test - Pretty high chance if you are prepared to complete it....
Things on a white background - Does what it says on the tin
Empire Attack - Unusual point and click territory game (ours) - now with 6 game types, an enhancement shop and clans :-)
Average cats - Lolcats without the lols
Break the wall - Just click at the right time. Yesss!!!!
Superbad - Just weird
Food fight - A short history of warfare, from WWII to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict.
Biggest insects - What is the biggest insect in the world?
Fishcakes - They are high in Omega3, you know.
Manyland - Multi-player make-you-own platform world
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
Horse man - The magical realm of Horse man
Bigass Message - Something to say?
Go with the gods - Travel into space... and beyond. Very odd.
Walks of Life - Some more of Cyriak's handiwork. Geddit?
Purristan - Welcome to the Enlightened Republic of Purristan
Salmon of Capistrano - Salmon of Capistrano - Australian edition
Earth timelapses - Stunning timelapse video shot by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from the ISS
Brushing teeth - How many times have you brushed your teeth?
Future Me - Send an email to yourself... in the future!
Paper snowflake - Make a paper snowflake in your browser
Maze-generator - Generate mazes, watch the computer solve them
Your own snowflake - Make s snowflake from your name
Jungle - Jungle noise generator
Expensive stuff - Six most expensive virtual items in video games
Patternizer - Make your own plaid
Sugar Sugar Xmas - Sugar Sugar game - Christmas edition. Draw to direct sugar into the cups.
Moo - Pictures of people going "moo"
Switch zoo - Make new hybrid animals!
Word crimes - "Weird Al" Yankovic dislikes bad grammar and poor spelling
Bonus ducks - Bonus ducks!
Stuff on my cat - like to put stuff on your cat?
Roller Coaster creator - make one and have it rated
Body visualizer - How would you look if...
Astrohamster - How far will the astrohamster fly before you can't take any more?
Monkey 4D - Four-dimensional monkeys, projected onto a two-dimensional plane. Mindbending.
Worlds Rarest Metals - Silver? Gold? Palladium?
Cows go moo - Scratching posts?
Odd objects gallery... - Odd objects....
In Drmzzz - A Bart Bonte game
Monotunes - Pixel art + music
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