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1. Pointless diagrams
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3. 2048
4. Cookie clicker
5. 9007199254740992
6. Alter Ego
7. Seed
8. Vader on a Unicycle
9. Hen to hen
10. Arachnophilia

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Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society
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Languages - Convincing gibberish, in many foreign accents.
The Tiptree Sneeze - Sometimes a simple "atchoo!" just isn't dramatic enough.
2048 - Addictive game, use the arrow keys to combine blocks, try to reach 2048
Endless forest - Night walk through an endless forest. WebGL demo.
Wisefiction - Quotes from works of fiction
Yup that exists - Weird and wonderful products that actually exist
Wikigame - Race through wikipedia pages trying to link one topic to another
Good things - Good things should never end. Scroll, click, smile, rinse, repeat.
Mount Huashan - The world's most dangerous hiking trail
Horse - Horse looking at toothbrush
Jurassic Systems - Access security...
Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass - amazing machine.
Dog beards - People with dog beards. Or dogs with people faces.
Pixelspace - Turns out space is mostly... space.
Famous Paintings Parody 4 - Art quiz game, now on level 4
Cube3D - Physics game, use arrow keys, and number keys to change cube.
Chesscoaster - Some games just can't be interrupted
Wobbulator - Make your own 50's sci-fi sounds
Adding machine - Binary adding machine powered by marbles
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
Republique des mangues - Mango
Satisfying GIFs - 23 GIFs that will occupy you for hours
Toothbrush in lamp - This is about as exciting as it gets
Now that's interesting - Articles about things that are interesting
Eye - Slightly gross, eyeball simulator. Needs WebGL.
Birds with arms - Birds, with arms
Exploding pingpong balls - What happens when you take a scientist, liquid nitrogen and 1500 table tennis balls?
Unfair Mario - Nothing is as it seems...
Carpets for airports - Reports on airport carpets from around the world. With pictures.
Scandy Bars - Chocolart
Arithmetic sequence puzzles - Kind of like Sudoku, but different
Waferbaby - This is a website on the internet
Robot - Marquese Scott, cyborg.
Shanghai Tower - Climbing the world's 2nd highest building. This is hard to watch!
Tearable puns - Ripping good jokes
Jumping Long - Long jump game, with upgrades.
Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
World's Hardest Game - This one is tricky!
Flap MMO - Multiplayer flappy bird
Boromir death simulator - So many orcs - there's only one way this is going to end. Eventually. - Blend famous faces into nightmare chimeras. Check out the gallery!
Ultimate TicTacToe - Tic Tac Toe but much harder, with 2-player or CPU option.
Colour Fight - Vote for your favourite colour.
Wait - Just a few seconds...
Picture sphere - Drag and drop a picture from your desktop onto the sphere.
Multiplayer piano - Play piano with strangers
Social Obligation Simulator - Practice being antisocial.
Flappy Bird - Why is this so addictive?
18 years ago - "In the virtual world we can actually fly into the virtual fish tank"
Leaf on the wind - Tricky gliding game
24 Hours of Happy - 24-hour music video - drag the circle to change the time of day
These are thoughts - Yes they are
Odyssey - A journey through the ages of computer gaming
Vector Park - Strange interactivity.
Lava lamp - Lava lamp simulation. Change colours, drag the goo around. Groovy!
Dumb facts - A trove of useless information
Find the Difference - Spot the difference (s).... fun!
Take me back - Find out what the world was like on any given date
Gadsby - A 43-page story, without using the letter 'e'.
Flow free - Simply connect the coloured dots
My 80's TV - Watch TV like it was in the 80's - N-n-n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!
Cut the rope - Cut the rope, help the bunny get the carrot
Blous - Funny pictures.
Sentry knight - Fight off the marauding hordes
Random street view - See the world!
Music Timeline - See how music preferences have changed over time. Click to expand.
Gif pronounciation - Gif! Jif! Gif! Jif! ...pass the popcorn...
Attack of the killer Broccoli - Vegetable wars
Useless fact - A fact that is useless
Pointless diagrams - What does it all mean? More in the archives
Bread plane - Bread plane puns - will have you 'roll'ing in the aisles. Geddit?!?
Wooden Path - Bridge-building puzzle game
Room escape maker - Make your own escape game, or play hundreds of others
Seven down - A pointless number-based counter dropping game.
Windosill - Quirky interactivity from the "Feed the head" people.... (The cube is the key)
Beatles Anomalies - A massive list of anomalies in Beatles songs, for those who are interested in such things.
Word Disassociation - Enemy lasagna, robust below wax
Calming Manatee - Soothing words of advice from a seacow
Levers Game - Horrible waste of time - We got to the big grey hairy head....
Disposabot - Disposable robot platform game
Benedict Cumberbatch generator - For people who want a ridiculous name.
Cats - All the cat videos you could ever want
New Years Exercise - Now's the time...
Alter Ego - Life could have been so different
Calm - Keep calm and... well, just keep calm.
Peacock spider - Groovy spider throws some shapes.
Snail Bob - Snaily puzzle game
Dress up Yoda - Dress up Yoda... as if he wasn't ridiculous enough already.
Slow Empty - Click for a new triangle. Strangely hypnotic.
Learn to fly 2 - Sequel to Learn to fly. You are a penguin, learning to fly through the power of upgrades.
Shake - Slo-mo shaking dogs. With drool. Lots of drool.
Blocky Christmas - Move the blocks to the shaded area. You are magnetic.
Christmas greeting - A Christmas greeting from your pets
Teacup - One lump or two?
Marcel the shell - Marcel The Shell (With Shoes On) - part 2 is here.
Minute Physics - Periodic table with videos. Potassium is good.
Earth wind map - Animated map of the world's winds. Click, drag, zoom - loads of options.
Autocomplete Map - France is Bacon
Bacon Drone - Breakfast delivery system. Bacon x Science = Immense Power!
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