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Some of the weirder pointless sites

The definitive list of odd sites with useless information and other stuff. Although these sites are odd could you call it "useless stuff"? The useless information contained therein could be of use to someone somewhere I guess? 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15... (odd)

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Psychic High School - Learn about ghost cat whispering and precognitive reverse storytelling
Feed the head - Totally weird 1. (Easy) Can you get it to breath fire? 2. (Harder) Can you "Feed the fish"?
Click to remove - "Lick o remo" ...
Screaming Beans - ahhh - cute little beans
Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
17776 Football - What football will look like in the future.
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Spam sandwich - Making a spam sandwich
Is this your luggage? - Bit of a long shot....
My Random Thoughts - When will the test be over?
Impending Doom - Interactive Doomsday clock(s) ... When will the world end? And how? - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
Don't hug me... 4 - Don't hug me I'm scared 4 - more disturbing stuff. And part 3 is here.
Bammi - 3 years on... The original exploding Pie game - Timeless classic ;o)
Don't hug me 5 - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, 5 - contains gory bits.
Future Me - Send an email to yourself... in the future!
Llamafont - Something to say? Say it with llamas! Cure for boredom at its best
Anasomnia - by Ana Somnia. Don't turn out the light...
Tane - Complete waste of time - bored
Dead Link City - Odd Museum of broken links. Every kind of link that doesn't work! Crazy. (Also see - useful! Not so pointless)
Chicken monkey duck - ...
Plasma Ball - A touch-sensitive plasma lamp simulator - lightning at your fingertips
18 years ago - "In the virtual world we can actually fly into the virtual fish tank"
Nailing Jelly to a wall - Can it be done?
Upgrade Complete - Odd ball pointless game where you upgrade the framework of the game. Those Armor game guys are good :o)
Free Chocolate - Amazing experiment - chocolate downloaded straight to your fridge
Flur - Drift through the dream-like world of Flur. Learn... Grow... Explore... Is there any point to this? Red = bad! Love it - 85 achievements
Pointless Calendar - Can you spot the pointless number? (appears on every page)
String Spin - Spin a drawing
Bad people - Scraper detection link - If this link and text is anywhere other than on then this, and other Pointless Sites content, has been stolen by bad people....
The surrealist compliment generator - My elbow sockets sharpen pencils when you pass by on divine fumes of industrial combustion.
Kitty city - More weirdness from Cyriak
Sheep films - A collection of short films
Absurd Blog - A blog which is absurd.
The revolving internet - Ha!
The size of our World - Putting the world in perspective
Nobody Here - Thoughts and animations
Yup that exists - Weird and wonderful products that actually exist
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
Superbad - Just weird
Lobster sticks to magnet - every schoolboy knows.
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