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Hypnotic sites

Hypnotic pointlessness. Just watch these compelling, staggeringly unusual hypnotic examples of whats weirdest on the web. Dont be hypnotized or compelled to look at these just because we said so - do it for another reason.... where did that blue ball go?

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7 Billion - So many rabbits. Cyriak does it again.
Cactus Blue - An interactive story
Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
Deep Focus - YAASM - yet another ambient sound mixer, study aid.
Biisuke's adventure - A Japanese marble machine with a story
Perpetual Ocean - Fascinating NASA animation showing ocean currents
Langton's Ants - Like Conway's Life, but with digital ants.
Escher Ascending in Lego - See if you can work it out without scrolling down...
Pixels fighting - Why can't the pixels just accept their differences and live in peace?
Zoom Quilt - Mindblowing - it just keeps zooming
Dabchick - Amazing puppetry. Dabchick takes a dive.
Ducks - 1000 Indian Runner Ducks going to work
Contrast Cannon - Weird original nonsense for the bored and curious
Transforming cubes - Amazing folded cubes
Way to go - Walk, run, fly...
Plughole breakout - Hypnotic....
Bob is nothing - Philosophical musings of a non-existent entity
200 years, 4 minutes - Hans Rosling - 200 years of world statistics compressed into 4 minutes.
Every satellite - Interactive graphic showing every known satellite
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
Dancing freakishly - as this Kat....
This is sand - Digital sand art
Peeling paint cam - Watch paint peeling...
Art of the Marbler - Marbellously old-fashioned.
Contre Jour - Guide the blob to catch the lights and reach the goal
Ambient mixer - Listen to the ambient sounds of various fictional worlds
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
Moodica - Relaxing and mesmerising videos
Pixel dust - Paint with pixels that turn to dust.
Nothing Ever Happens - Endless moonlit ripples
Something Open - Ever-enlarging cylinders of sleepiness
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Mandelbrot 2^1012 - Deep zoom into the Mandelbrot fractal. May make you dizzy...
Nixie - Making a Nixie Tube
Questionaut - A quest with questions.
Contact Juggling - An amazing performance of crystal ball contact juggling.
Kaleidoscope - Just move the mouse. Click for a new effect.
Russian Doll - What happens at the end?
Crooked Rot - Creepy and scary stop-motion animation
Picture of Everything - So much detail...
Baker cat - How long can you watch the cat bake?
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