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Games and Puzzles

Check out these free online games, mostly pointless games and puzzles and all free. Some of the oddest, unusual, addictive, abstract and strangely compelling games and puzzles known to man. We also put all the games on the 2 minute games site. If it is free, online, original and odd - it should be listed here with these other free online games.

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Jetpunk - A daily quiz to test your knowledge
GIRP - Exhausting climbing game. (click gives a boost)
Fish Jump - Solitaire - but with fish
Steamshovel Harry - As one commenter says: "If you don't get it, you're not supposed to."
Combination lock - The maniac game is pointless as there are no clues of any use - link from the "About" page. ( - our site).
Dodge the dot - compelling time wasting pointless mouse pointer dodging nonsense....
Fisher Diver - Waste huge amounts of time....
Type the Alphabet - Mindless pointless game -- Can you type the alphabet in less than 6 seconds... (our best 7.5 seconds)
Today I die? - pointless weird, dark, sad "game" with soulful piano
Exploding dots - Try to score over 100 with your 3 tries... (try to work out what to do first ;o))
Like Putin - Huge funny pointless animation / game? (we got 47%! - ha)
Traffic cone invasion - just click...
100 stars - just get 100 stars - Ha! (we found 80)
Escape - Just press the ESCAPE key! Ha!
Get to Z - Fewer than 1% of players will ever get to Z
Small Worlds game - The ultimate "Low rez" game.... pixels the size of floor tiles...
Multitask - So you think you can multitask? love it!
Grow Valley - wonderful pointless waste of a lot of time :o)
Nanaca-Crash - Weird, pointless fun
ConTENtric - Odd game - we got a score of 3344 :o) - you only have 10 seconds
Tetris with real bricks - ....
The i of it - Love it :o)
Garden Gnome Carnage - "Dont ask why...Ask why not"
Resort to cannibalism - Eh?
Bammi - 3 years on... The original exploding Pie game - Timeless classic ;o)
Duck Life 3 - Nonsense timewatser... watser? ha!
Poppin Corn - ...
World biggest Pacman - Ha! (not working on Internet Explorer)
Can't you see I'm busy... - ha!
Mitoza - Pointless game or pointless toy? either way....
Kaskaskoffee - Classic....
Click Click Click - Honorary remention of our benchmark site for pointlessness - Rank up your Country (Can we knock Hungary off the top spot??) in this pointless Click Game ;o) - (now with auto and turbo click)
Alphametics + Cryptarithms - Try this: SITES + NONSENSE + NONSENSE + NONSENSE + POINTED = POINTLESS. Where each letter is a number from zero to nine (solvable!)
Click play 3 - Slick but pointless game
Warzone Tower Defense - ...The best tower defense so far???? NNNHHAAaargghhgh
ROLLOVER App - It's what we've been up to here at Pointless Towers for the last 18 months - Rollover is quirky and for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad :o)
Phat Man - He gets slower and fatter the more he eats! ha!
Stick RPG from X Gen - Hypnotic walking about doing things - can you get to live in the castle? Never could work out how to get on a bus??
Super Press Space to Win - " " (space)
Record Tripping - needs a mouse wheel...
Flabby physics - love it!
Butch Mushroom - nonsense game
I don't even game - All they can say is.... "good luck"
99 bricks - Why add physics to Tetris??
Color Keys - mash your keyboard...
Eat all the cookies in 5 - still no idea how to do this pointless puzzle
Epic Combo - Fill the screen with turtle carapaces for epic combos.... weirdly compelling...
Solip Skier - Unusual click and drag and hold ski game
Double level game - pointless level overlay game
Treadmillasaurus - A rex and a treadmill...
Doodle God - Mindless element combining interactivity....
Coma Game - weird and cute at the same time
Achievement Unlocked 2 - Huge follow up nonsense game with 250 achievements and annoying music
Pixel breakout - Restart with f5? ....easier way to restart anyone know?
Continuity Game - love it!
Cubicle freakout - ...errmmm.... slightly mad... (we got 82% overall)
Klikwerk - hummm...
Bio-Bak - What on earth??
Reach more than 50 seconds - or is it 18?
Kaguya Table - RPG game.... love it! - (If not working - try a different browser - temperamental - just like the table flipper)
Robot Unicorn Attack - ...
Puki game - random nonsense game
Walk the stork - .... (our best 37m)
Mindless target shooting game - ... hummm...
Escaping the prison - ... just like real life...
Factory Balls 3 - ... the latest timewaster from Bart
Planet matching - ...
Captain Forever - weird game with a black background
The Game - ...
Random crate clicking - crates, crates, crates... they should put hippos in em...
This is the only level - too - How many stages are there...? (and who cares)
Snake game.... - Pointless timewaster (we got 2,600pts)
Chart game - Buy low and sell high....
Circle the Cat - "quite hard but it can be done"
First Person Tetris - "Rotate" is tricky to get your head around
Amanita-Design - by someone with way too much time on their haneds
Empire Attack - Unusual point and click territory game (ours) - now with 6 game types, an enhancement shop and clans :-)
Upgrade Complete - Odd ball pointless game where you upgrade the framework of the game. Those Armor game guys are good :o)
Ireland vs France - Handy little game
Vector Tower Defence 3 (TDX / TD3) - Waste ridiculously large amounts of time - Pointless vectors and towers - we can not get past level 29. Search site for "tower defence" for easier /earlier versions.
Replicat - Avoid your past.... Pointless or just weird?
Left 4k dead - quirky game made in 4k of memory
Eyeball game - Odd accuracy game
Box spin - A little hypnotic - Reminds me of Bammi
Plughole breakout - Hypnotic....
Hail - Play with hail and wind....
Mouse under Siege - Keep your mouse pointer out of trouble
Trebuchet game - ...
Elephant Rave - Yep - completely mindless, pointless......
Red Remover - Quirky game - best with the sound off
Cricket! - ...
This is the only level - Like achievement unlocked without the achievements
QWOP - Just run to the end! Ha.
Me and the key... - Pointless game - love it :-)
Grid 16 - Quick and pointless game(s)
Flow game - Don't be bored. Mindless "catch, eat and evolve" game.. love it! :o) - we got to 9 segments long.... and still dont know what we are doing!
Not Pron - 82 impossibel levels... (complete waste of time!)
High definition Tetris - Never be bored again... - just nuts (tetoris.swf)
Tonti Hammer Game - Pointless bashing...
Ski Runner - ocassional use of flashing images
Ultimate Crab Battle - Complete waste of time. Just one huge Boss.... (nearly got it!!!)
Castle Clout - Trebuchet! (we got to level 5)
Grow Tower - ...
Shopping Cart Hero - Love it
Walk Right Game - >>>....
Achievement unlocked - 99 to get?
Defend your castle - pointless waste of a LOT of time!
Rat Maze - ...
Potato peeling game - Peel a potato in a quick time
Unfair Platformer - It's so unfair...
Wheeeee - The most pointless and annoying game of all time?
Play Auditorium - Wonderful interactive audio nonsense....
Fly Killer - Fly swat game
Logix - ....
Star finder 3 - So many pointless games... so little time....
Contrast Cannon - Weird original nonsense for the bored and curious
Factory Balls 2 - Quirky thinking game
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