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Completely Pointless Sites

These are just completely pointless. No, not just extremely pointless but completely and utterly without a point. Or at least they should be! Let us know if one of these is in the wrong category! Without a point in the extreme - completely!

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The most seconds - that you can stand the bordom...
Cookie clicker - Click the cookie. Can you get the Time Machine? The Antimatter Condenser? Recently updated.
Click Click Click - Honorary re-mention of our benchmark site for pointlessness - Rank up your Country in this pointless Click Game ;o) - (now with auto and turbo click)
Drama Button - Love it...
Cows go moo - Scratching posts?
Watching Grass grow - hmmm....
Doughnut Kitten - Miaomnomnomnom
Random Names game - How popular is your name? - find your name then vote for it.... A game to rank your name the highest??
Click to remove - "Lick o remo" ...
The Game - You can never win
You are in a forest - A classic. See what people are saying about
Four Squares - "I could still not stop, no matter how hard I tried" - waste huge amounts of more boredom...
Hyperbole and a half - ... bored?
Pointless Sites - Pointless link to pointless site of pointless sites...
iiiiiiii - !!!!!!!! (sound on)
Chicken on a raft - ...on a monday morning...
Definitely - Yep, it's definitely definitely. Defiantly so.
Kim Jong-il - looking at things...
Dot On The Horizon - It's so far away.... - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
Garfield minus Garfield - The comic strip with Garfield taken out.... (G-G)
Just standing - in a grocery store
Dog of Wisdom - Watch with captions
Leek Spin - Surely you've seen this?
Doors... - Never be bored again!
Llamafont - Something to say? Say it with llamas! Cure for boredom at its best
Loading... - 100% pointless "Loading progress indicator" museum - love it
Gum - Your name, in gum
Tane - Complete waste of time - bored
Doodle per diem - A new doodle every day since August 11th, 2012.
Woot - 8 bit dancing guy
Circle therapy - ...
Waste your time - How to waste your time, in one easy lesson - The oldest pointless site on the site
Nailing Jelly to a wall - Can it be done?
My morning hair - Pointless nonsense picture gallary
Pi sung - The digits of Pi.... sung....
Pet the dog - Pet the dog!
Flappy Bird - Why is this so addictive?
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