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2. Touch pianist
3. Purristan
4. Alter Ego
5. Psychic High School
6. Cookie clicker
7. Eeyup
8. Animator vs Animation IV
9. Kawaii Faces
10. Time Clickers

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Bathroom sinks
animationscompletely pointlessgames and puzzleshypnotic
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slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Completely Pointless Sites

These are just completely pointless. No, not just extremely pointless but completely and utterly without a point. Or at least they should be! Let us know if one of these is in the wrong category! Without a point in the extreme - completely!

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Endless horse - I said a clip clop clippy, clippy to the clip clip clop...
Eeyup - Eeyup.
Investing money - A short video showing one way to invest money
Let's play... - ...clickclickclick - no turbo. Don't miss part 2 here!
Generator generator - A generator that generates generators.
Dotted lines - .................
Woot - 8 bit dancing guy
Surprise - 40 surprise eggs opened for you
Dullest Blog - .... quite old and dusty too
Running from Camera - Completely bonkers...
Bored - 474 things to do when you're bored
Beardest - Beard-rating fun
Pointless Stuff - Almonds are members of the....
Yoga Kitty - Yoga Videos for you and your cat
Stone Balancing - Amazing balancing art by Adrian Gray
Problem loading page - There's a problem loading this page... or is there? Yes, there is. Or is there?
Is my computer on - Handy utility for checking whether your computer is switched on.
The Cloud appreciation society - says "We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned"
World's Dumbest Game - Games don't get much more pointless than this.
The Game - You can never win
Plenty of time - Relax, you have plenty of time! Time enough to read the small-print?
Lots of words - Every possible word of up to 4 letters.
Superbad - Just weird
Salmon of Capistrano - Salmon of Capistrano - Australian edition
Stuff on my cat - like to put stuff on your cat?
Astrohamster - How far will the astrohamster fly before you can't take any more?
Cows go moo - Scratching posts?
Jim Carrey - The same photo of Jim Carrey every day…
50 shades of grey - Honestly, I can't see what all the hype was about
Useless Site - Click the checkbox
Random Color/Colour - Useless and pointless. Refresh for a new random shade
Pizza Barrel Llama - A totally pointless click game - These boats are ultra-stealthy
cut dat - Cutting things with a spoon. This is exciting stuff.
Definitely - Yep, it's definitely definitely. Defiantly so.
Vicious Circles - Gah! I feel sick just watching!
Doodle per diem - A new doodle every day since August 11th, 2012.
Pageload - Loading...
fab - Groovy!
Orange juice - How to pour orange juice into a glass.
Word soup - A soup of random words.
Video Game name generator - Ultimate Kitchen Smackdown
Trivial proof - The proof is trivial!
I am a Turtle - Handy phrasebook for travelling chelonians
Chat with yourself - Talk to yourself. Or watch other people talk to themselves.
Rock-Paper-Scissors - Does it cheat?
Lawn Mower Madness 7 - Take the lawnmower to Grandmas house!
Tutorial tutorial - Step by steps instructions on how to follow instructions
Taco spin - A taco that spins.
Daily pointless link in a tweet - Daily dose of pointlessness from Pointless Sites - easier than ever
Patience - Patience is a virtue. Worth the wait :-)
Move now think later - Automatic draughts/checkers. Who'll win? Who cares?
Tower Blocks - Build a tower that is as tall as possible. Completely pointless.
Checkbox ball - A bouncing ball of checkboxes
Snowman - A unicode snowman. You can copy and paste it.
Republique des mangues - Mango
Toothbrush in lamp - This is about as exciting as it gets
Carpets for airports - Reports on airport carpets from around the world. With pictures.
Scandy Bars - Chocolart
Waferbaby - This is a website on the internet
Flap MMO - Multiplayer flappy bird
Boromir death simulator - So many orcs - there's only one way this is going to end. Eventually.
Colour Fight - Vote for your favourite colour.
Wait - Just a few seconds...
Flappy Bird - Why is this so addictive?
Gif pronounciation - Gif! Jif! Gif! Jif! ...pass the popcorn...
Useless fact - A fact that is useless
Hiyoooo! - Hiyoooo!
The end - Well, it has to end sometime
Waiting in line 3D - Don't fall asleep!
Invisible cow - Find the invisible cow
Cat training - Touch the cats with the mouse to make them copy the leader. Totally pointless.
Bury me - Bury me with my money. What's the point?
Sisyphean Funtime - Move the sand from one side to the other to win points!
Kids' guide to the internet - First, adjust the VCR tracking for the clearest picture.
Snail - How far can one snail travel?
Sloth Adventure - Help the sloth to get a meal. (Click the game first, before pressing keys)
Violent power - Click!!! Thwack!!! Kerpow!!!
Shades of Gray - Who know there were so many?
Cookie clicker - Click the cookie. Can you get the Time Machine? The Antimatter Condenser?
How to click - Handy advice on how to click for your country
My life is average - Why would you read about other peoples average day...
Idiotproof website - It's idiot proof.
Gif backgrounds - Click 'next' for a worse headache
Ultimate Idiot Test - Just follow the instructions. Carefully.
Winning Solitaire - Just click and drag
Magic 8-ball - Ask the magic 8-ball any question, get a completely useless answer.
Pokemon fusion - What do you get if you cross a Jigglypuff with a Weezing? Find out here.
Puppytwister - How long can you stand this? And is it actually a puppy?
Leek Spin - Surely you've seen this?
Don't pop it - Oh go on, you know you want to
Random selection - Handy utility selects a random rectangle in a random image.
Please Like - What's not to like?
Salmon of Capistrano - Swim amongst a shoal of salmon
Stephen Roads - Every road in Britain called Stephen
Random Names game - How popular is your name? - find your name then vote for it.... A game to rank your name the highest??
The Hmmm Page - How popular is 'Hhhm'? Or 'Hhhmmmmm'? Hmmmm?
Easiest game ever - Can you beat the game?
amiapokemonmasteryet - The long struggle to become a Pokemon master. Maybe today's the day!
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