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A-Z of Pointless Websites

Looking for a pointless waste of time? This amusing list of pointless sites is the complete A to Z list of time wasters. "Waste of time" I hear you say... YES!, it is! A staggering and mammoth complete pointless waste of time - but amusing all the same. Amused? Start at the top - or try the top 10.
The complete list of pointless sites listed in alphabetical order...

Bad kids jokes - Bad jokes submitted by kids. May be mildly offensive.
Bad people - Scraper detection link - If this link and text is anywhere other than on then this, and other Pointless Sites content, has been stolen by bad people....
Bad Piggies 2 - Build machines, help the pigs get the eggs.
Bad Translator - "Pointless sites rules" - "The rules do not require any Web page"
Badgermin - A theremin made out of a badger
Bafflement Fires - The Bafflement Fires, a digital re-creation of a lost freemason game.
Baker cat - How long can you watch the cat bake?
Ball on a string - Just click the ball
Ballz Online - A nice Breakout variant
Bammi - 3 years on... The original exploding Pie game - Timeless classic ;o)
Banana Cat - Banana cat - what's he gonna do now?
Banana faces - Fruity faces
Band names - Playing tonight - Adaptive Constant And The Fortitude
Barcode clock - 'checkout' this site.
Barcode yourself - Your own barcode
Bark like a dog - How to bark like a dog
Bars of Black and White - The door is locked...
Bat Cat - and mouse....
Bathroom sinks - Top 7 bathroom sinks
Batman eats a hot dog - Such drama!
Bea Arthur, Pizza and mountains - all together
Beards - Know your beards! Use the Expanded Beard Type Chart.
Beards from below - creepy
Beatles Anomalies - A massive list of anomalies in Beatles songs, for those who are interested in such things.
Beautiful Frog - A weird frog text adventure.
Beaver Beatbox - Google Translate beaver beatbox. Bk bk bschk th th bschk...
Become a Gnome - As if by magic...
Bed - I'm not getting out of bed.
Bees - BEES!
Belgian pig - A Belgian pig - with a problem
Benedict Cumberbatch generator - For people who want a ridiculous name.
Best joke ever? - Extra points for the 'pointless' reference!
BetaMaXmas - TV from another century
Between treacherous objects - This is just odd.
Bibi Hendl - Takeo Ischi yodelling with chickens, in German.
Big Bunny - Your special bunny friend
Big Pig Song - He likes to dig
Big tower tiny square - Climb the big tower. Save your pineapple.
Bigass Message - Something to say?
Biggest Highest Best - Test your knowledge against the clock
Biggest insects - What is the biggest insect in the world?
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