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Pointless Animations

Pointless funny animations made by people with too much time on their hands. Comic animations that are funny, weird and suprising. Pointless creativity at its height...

Sort by: Top Voted first, Newest first, A-Z - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
18 years ago - "In the virtual world we can actually fly into the virtual fish tank"
Alien: Assembly required - What do aliens look like? You decide...
All Your Base are belong to us - why be bored when you can listen to this to us...
Anasomnia - by Ana Somnia. Don't turn out the light...
Angry Alien Bunny films - Movies condensed into 30 seconds and played by bunnies!
Animation vs Animator - Battle
Animation vs Animator 2 - The sequel....
Animator vs animation 3 - The animator continues to torment the animation
Animator vs Animation IV - He's back...
Aram Zam Zam - Some kind of weird and colourful song?
AsapSCIENCE - Everything you need to know, in bite-sized videos. Not really pointless, but interesting.
Ascii Star Wars - Star Wars in ASCII
asdfmovie - Pointless but funny line animations
Baaa - What is this Cyriak on?
Bad Cookie - Looped GIF of cookies/poptarts being made. What are cookies?
Bad people - Scraper detection link - If this link and text is anywhere other than on then this, and other Pointless Sites content, has been stolen by bad people....
Bat Cat - and mouse....
Batman eats a hot dog - Such drama!
Bed - I'm not getting out of bed.
Bees - BEES!
Belgian pig - A Belgian pig - with a problem
Bembos Zoo - Guess the animal before you click...
Bezier clock - A clock made with smooth Bezier curves.
Binary Clock - Display the time in binary (or hexadecimal, or smileys)... the ultimate geek clock site!
Binary comes to life - 011010011
Blue Ball 2 - Another blue ball machine - this version has music :-)
Blue ball machine - The blue ball machine is back!
Boogie maths - Maths explained through the medium of dance
Box transformer - An astonishing disguise?
BoxCar2D - Computerised car evolution - try to generate the ultimate car. It might take some time...
Breadfish - Have you seen it? It's marvellous!
Broof - Broof! Brooooff! Brrrroooooffff!
Bury me - Bury me with my money. What's the point?
cachemonet - An exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays. Um... yeah.
Camera Max - How to use those fancy modes on a digital camera
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Cat gets a ride - on a trurtle.... (trurtle??)
Cat gets caught barking then... - ...
Cat Gifs - Chill out and watch some cat gifs
Cat solves printer problem - llol (literally)
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